An aerial view of Aveiro port
An aerial view of Aveiro port

Two bodies found floating close to entrance to Aveiro port

Bodies of man, and woman, detected over course of Sunday

Two bodies were discovered floating in the sea, close to the entrance to Aveiro port yesterday.

The first to be detected was the body of a man, towards the end of Sunday morning.

At the end of the day (just before 7pm), and close to the same spot, the body of a woman was recovered from the waters.

Both bodies were found floating ‘face down’, and in elevated stages of decomposition.

But the mystery remains, who were they? And how did they come to be floating in the sea?

The national maritime authority has released its information this morning, suggesting for the time being, “the causes that will have been the origin of these occurrences are unknown”.

Maritime police are now handling the case.

It has to be said that an elderly couple was reported missing, very likely in the sea, nine days ago, in Póvoa de Varzim – but that is roughly 100 kms north of Aveiro. Sea and air searches parties were called off five days ago.

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