Twins recovering after father squirts bleach up noses

Pharmacy “supplied sodium hypochlorite when father had requested saline solution”

18-month-old twins are recovering at home after a potentially horrifying drama caused by a pharmacy reportedly supplying their father with sodium hypochlorite when he had asked for saline solution.

The saline was intended to squirt up the babies’ noses, as they were obstructed with the effects of a heavy cold.

Instead, the poor parents realised something was horribly wrong when their children started crying, vomiting and appeared to have difficulty breathing.

Fortunately, emergency services reacted promptly and the children received the medical attention they required.

The toddlers were released from Santarém Hospital after three hours of care, while the GNR is now investigating how this could have happened.

Notícias do Sorraia, a local online, has said it tried contacting the pharmacy in question, but the “technical director was not available for any statements”.

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