Twin newborns discovered dead in apartment in Cascais

Twin newborns were found dead in an apartment in Cascais yesterday evening.

One of the babies was found “in a garbage bag”, writes Correio da Manhã tabloid; another on top of a bed.

The mother appears to have given birth in the apartment alone. It was she who raised the alarm.

Says the paper, when emergency services arrived, they were confronted with “a scenario that is not easy to face”.

The mother, believed to be Brazilian, was taken to hospital, “for obstetric problems, not psychological”. 

She was described last night as “not in a condition to give statements.”

“First signs point to a double murder”, said the paper – but PJ forensic experts were unable to guarantee this last night. 

What must happen next are autopsies of the two babies whose bodies are already with the medical examiner.

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