Twenty-eight cars “badly damaged” after garage roof collapses in Olhão

Twenty-eight cars were all but wrecked when part of the roof of a private parking garage collapsed on Monday morning (October 19) in Olhão, after another night of “heavy rain and strong winds”.

Some of the cars were so badly damaged “that they cannot be driven”, explained municipal fire department commander Luís Gomes.

The saving grace was that there were no injuries to any people.

Paulo Batista, one of the car owners affected told Correio da Manhã that firefighters did not allow him onto the scene as there was “a risk that the rest of the garage could collapse as well”.

CM reports that the owner of the garage has guaranteed all cars were insured and damage assessment is already taking place.

Elsewhere, the bad weather pummeling the Algarve damaged fishing huts on Olhão’s Ilha Deserta, while over the weekend Olhão’s Avenida dos Descobrimentos underpass was flooded (click here).

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