Tuta denies ‘lies’

Monchique Câmara’s social democratic opposition (PSD) has accused câmara president Carlos Tuta of “despotism and violation of the law” in a ten-point communiqué referring to alleged misconduct and irregularities.

“The president goes to the congress of the National Association of Local Authorities in Madeira with an entourage of 12 people, including contractors. How much did it cost and who paid?” asked the PSD.

The opposition has also made scathing references to the construction of new houses in the aftermath of last summer’s fires. “Do you know to whom the president of the câmara made his award of contracts? The majority were made to firms outside Monchique and the biggest contract went to a builder friend,” the communiqué states. The opposition also accuses him of breaking other promises, including a pledge to cut down certain trees in the area.

But Carlos Tuta has issued an angry denial of the allegations. “They’re all false,” he has said. “I’m fed up of these accusations.” In a statement, the local authority says the Madeira trip was for only three people and has assured the public that the award of building contracts was totally above board. “In fact, several building companies in Monchique were granted contracts,” said a spokesperson.

The Resident spoke to Carlos Tuta just before going to press. Tuta told us that the opposition attacks were part of their normal pre-election tactics: “They don’t want to know the truth. They are only interested in attacking me as a person. They don’t know what we are doing and they’re not interested. The real problems of the câmara do not interest them. I will issue a full statement later this week and repudiate these lies.”