Isabel Santos from Eco-Lar

Turn your house into a home

Expat Centre Portugal is organising an interior design workshop led by Isabel Santos this Saturday, November 13, at Eco-Lar Interior Design in Quatro Estradas, Quarteira, from 4pm to 6pm.

Ria van Doorn, founder and life coach at Expat Centre Portugal, said: “As it gets darker outside, we want to bring beauty indoors. Cleansing, beautifying or changing our physical environments support who we are, what we do and what we want for ourselves, instead of depriving us of energy.

“For example, creating a space for creativity or meditation can add to a feeling of inner calm.

“A bit of Feng Shui makes all the difference; for example, choosing new colours for your walls, cleaning out old cupboards or adding house plants to cleanse the air.”

At the workshop, participants will learn how to “beautify their home using the colours of 2022”.

Interior designer Isabel Santos will “show you how to expand your style and essence, fitting both your personality and the current trends”.

Cost is €30 for members and €40 for non-members (including finger food and refreshments).

To register, visit

Photo: Jorge Pereira
Photo: Jorge Pereira

Photo: Jorge Pereira
Photo: Jorge Pereira