Turn your Algarve property into a business

Portugal is a major destination for Interhome, a holiday rentals specialist company with over 46 years experience and considered the best platform to rent your property.

Despite the economic crisis, the company’s results in Portugal have been very good, with bookings increasing by 17% and turnover by 25%.

This is due to the combination of locations and holiday homes that Interhome was able to recruit during the past two years.

In 2010, Interhome decided to increase its presence in Portugal. With Tony Van Aken joining the company as Portugal’s Business Developer, Interhome was able to duplicate its bookings thanks to his knowledge of the area and rentals market.

The Algarve, a traditional tourist destination, is a favourite of many holidaymakers for its quiet, sandy beaches, excellent weather and delightful environment. More than 60% of the bookings generated by the company in Portugal are for the Algarve.

Tony Van Aken said: “We believe that we can continue developing our business and increase bookings in the Algarve in 2013. Our customers are looking for a destination where they can enjoy a holiday with their family, in perfect weather and without worries – the ideal place is the Algarve!”

Rent your property through Interhome, which allows you to choose the dates that the property will be available and you can continue enjoying your second home during your holiday.

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