Turkish painting technique workshops

Learn how to paint using a traditional Turkish art technique at the São Brás Museum on Saturday, April 9.

Two-hour long workshops, led by Îbrahim Aybek, a young architect and teacher, will run from 1.30pm to 3.30pm or from 4pm to 6pm and will be followed by an Art Opening Preview from 7pm.

A spokesman from the museum said: “This is the perfect opportunity to learn the ancient technique of painting Ebru, the most popular traditional Islamic Turkish art technique.

“It is defined as painting on water and fixed in paper that has traditionally been used in the ornamentation of books. Currently, this technique has been used in various materials such as cloth, porcelain, marble, wood and leather and all materials used are found in nature,” said the spokesman.

To reserve you place, costing €8 per person including materials, please call Vânia Mendonça from Amigos do Museu on 966 329 073