Turkey’s suicide bomb-blast injures Portuguese IT worker

A Portuguese IT worker was among 37 people injured in last Saturday’s suicide-bombing in the Turkish capital of Istanbul that killed five people.

António Duarte was hit in the face by splinters spinning off from the bomb, say news reports.

He required stitches to his face but was otherwise unhurt and released from hospital after an overnight stay.

Portugal’s secretary of state for the communities José Luís Carneiro has told reporters: “We still don’t know if he wants to stay on in Turkey or return to Portugal.”

Duarte was apparently walking along the popular Istikal Street close by central Taksim square on Saturday morning.

As news services have explained, the shopping street is Turkey’s equivalent of London’s Oxford Street or New York’s Fifth Avenue.

There were hundreds of people, particularly tourists, and it was just lucky that fatalities were comparatively low.

According to Al Jazeera news website, the dead included two Americans and two Israelis, while the injured had multiple nationalities.

Duarte is understood to have been walking alone when he was hurt, during a day off from his job in the capital.

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