Tuning laws questioned at motor show

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MANY OF Portugal’s tuning clubs demanded the legalisation of the hobby, whereby a car is modified to improve its performance, look and handling, on Saturday, during the Braga motor show.

Portugal is the only country in Europe where tuning is illegal, despite there being more than 10,000 drivers who modify their cars across the country.

The new Highway Code, which was published in 2005, stipulates that the transformation of a vehicle’s technical characteristics “is authorised within the terms of the regulations”.

According to those who practise tuning, however, these regulations were never published, which has led to a “systematic persecution of tuning”.

José Carlos Silva, Vice President of the Portuguese Union of Tuning, said: “We are going to demand that tuning is legalised, as it is in Spain, where all that is needed is a project by a mechanic for the alteration to be authorised and recognised. “We will not accept that Portugal is the only country in the EU where tuning is not legal.”