Tuniko Goulart presents Karoço

news: Tuniko Goulart presents Karoço

TENDA MARRAKECH at Café Inglês sees the third of four Summer Jazz Fest concerts on Thursday September 1, starting at 10pm.

The concert features Tuniko Goulart, an acoustic and electric guitarist, and his band, Uruguayan pianist Diego Ebbeler, bassist Adriano Santos and drummer Paulo Rosa.

The musicality of this pint-sized Brazilian leaves his listener in total amazement. He transforms his guitar into a real extension of virtuosity, with melodies that flow from his fingers, simply mesmerising his audience.

Tuniko’s newest project, Karoço, has been long awaited as it has been kept under wraps until now. However, his compositional and arranging skills certainly make this premier well worth the wait.

Lovers of jazz will be disappointed if they miss this magical night of music. For tickets, call 282 401 258 or 914 167 710, Café Inglês on 282 442 585 or The Resident on 282 342 936.