Trying to trace a friend

Dear Editor,

I wonder if you could help us. We are regular posters on the BBC 606 football site and our team is Wolverhampton Wanderers.

We have become rather concerned that we have not heard from one of the oldest and most fervent posters for some time and we would be most grateful for any help that you may be able to provide.

We know that the man in question went by the name of “Algarveexpat” as his user name and that he lived with his partner named Pat. We are sure he lived in or very close to Montinhos da Luz and that he was a regular at “The Pigs Head” in Burgau.

He was a very likeable man who we estimate would be in his early to mid sixties and loved and played golf often.

I am sorry we only have patchy information but we would desperately like to know if something has happened to him.

Anyone with any information can email me at [email protected]

Andrew Craig (londonllewellynwolf), By email