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Truth about Love


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Truth about Love by Jane Elizabeth Varley is out in paperback at 10.50 euros.

Sally seems to have everything: a marriage to Edward; a much-loved baby son; and a dream house.

Yet beneath an apparently content exterior, Sally struggles with the legacy of Edward’s past: his ex-wife; his resentful step-daughter and Edward’s mixed feelings about the family he left behind.

When Sally discovers the house holds a secret, her need to escape the strains of her marriage leads her on a quest to discover the truth.

But can she solve the challenges of the present as well as the past?

While Sally struggles, Anna moves into the garden flat downstairs. A driven workaholic, Anna has always shunned domesticity, although ironically her new project is a reality show called Marriage Menders.

Digging beneath the surface of other people’s relationships leads her to ask questions she has so far managed to avoid about the importance of love and family.

Then an error of judgement threatens to destroy everything she has worked for and leaves her wondering about her entire life.

While Sally sacrificed her career for love, Anna has done the opposite. But which of them made the right choice?

Jane Elizabeth Varley handles domestic ups and downs with a lightness of touch that never descends into melancholy and keeps the reader wanting to find out more about the well-drawn characters.