Trump chooses American soccer loving family man with penchant for hunting as Portugal’s US ambassador

US president Donald Trump has named the man he wants to take up the post of Portugal’s US ambassador.

He is Oregon businessman George Edward Glass, a practising Catholic and enthusiastic family man, who loves American soccer, hunting, the wide outdoors and clearly has the kind of delight in exclamation marks shared by his country’s president.

Glass is reported to have either donated €30,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 (Diário de Notícias) or €87,000 (Observador).

He has definitely visited Portugal at least once before, taking part in a ceremony at Fátima with wife Mary, where he appears to have tweeted: “Rockin candle light rosary at Fatima. Blessed Mary the best!!! In Portugal with the best woman in the world MG!”, as well as visiting Lisbon, Cascais and the Douro.

Glass’ past involves investment banking and property management.

He and wife Mary have also set up a Catholic educational not-for-profit foundation.

In a tweet celebrating the couple’s 30th wedding anniversary, Glass posted: “Thirty year anniversary to my best friend and love of my life!!! 30 more to go!! I love you!!”

President Trump announced Glass’ nomination as “ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Portuguese Republic” on June 19.

Say reports, the 56-year-old should be arriving, no doubt with wife Mary, “within the next few months”.

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PHOTO: Taken from soon-to-be ambassador Glass’ Twitter page, duck shooting in Northern Minnesota