Patients being treated at the ICU department at Porto’s Hospital de São João on October 26. Photo: ESTELA SILVA/LUSA

True narrative

Dear Editor,

May I commend you for your honest and earnest reporting from the front lines with your recent Portugal Resident article “Covid numbers Sunday scream ‘Portugal’s hospitals with highest number of patients yet’”.

It is articles such as these that give a glimmer of hope to the chance for those in the civil society to “awaken” from the madness thrown at us called COVID-19.

It is high time the words of truth get spoken to quash the mainstream narrative that seeks to divide us rather than unite us. Those of us who wish to live a life of peace and love without the constant fear of death lurking around every corner wish to be told the true narrative at the front line instead of the falsehood that is fast becoming more evident by the day.

Amiru Ariizumi, a resident of Lisbon