True horror of Silves’ woman’s murder in Angola revealed on TV

Weeks after the killing of Portuguese engineer Rita Fernandes in Luanda, Angola, the true horror of the divorcee’s last hours has finally emerged.

The confessed-killer of the woman who left Silves for a better life has told an Angolan television station how he and two others tied her up and savagely raped her using a munitions loader for an AK47 rifle.

According to reports in the Portuguese press today, it was the brutality of the rape that caused Fernandes’ death.

Antunes Muheto told Televisão Popular that he and his accomplices left her after their attack and when they returned to the office in which they had tied her up the next day, the 36-year-old was already dead.

The barbaric attack was prompted by money, Muheto confirmed. He told TPA that he and his accomplices had tried to get a special bank code off her, which she refused to give them.

These latest revelations come after Fernandes’ body has already been returned to Portugal and buried.

Meantime, the situation in Angola is reported to be increasingly dire for thousands of foreign workers as money dries up with the fall of fuel prices.

By NATASHA DONN [email protected]