Truckers’ syndicates vow: “We’re going to stop the country”

Truckers’ syndicates are going into a meeting today against the backdrop of threats that they’re ready to “stop the country”.

Say reports, today’s meeting with ‘employers association’ ANTRAM, is being arbitrated by the government and promises to be decisive.

“If there is no agreement, syndicates will be striking from August 12 for as long as it takes”, explains SIC television news.

Expresso writes that the leaders of the independent syndicate of drivers (SIMM), and the syndicate of drivers of dangerous materials (SNMMP) both vow that if they move forwards, their actions will “stop the country”.

“Everyone remembers the queues that stretched back along roads to get to fuel stations”, says the paper, referring to the three-day strike held by SNMMP just before Easter.

“Petrol and diesel ran out in a matter of two days…” and the country careered towards a crippling standstill.

This new situation could be even worse “because it’s not just drivers of dangerous materials who are threatening a strike, but the drivers who transport everything else as well”.

As reports have stressed, this dispute centres on truckers demanding better salaries and working conditions.

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