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Triple murder suspect faces 100-year jail sentence

One suspected murderer who has been caught following a flight to Brazil now faces a possible 100 year jail term for the killing of three women in Lisbon earlier this year (click here).

Dinai Gomes is in preventive custody following “intense cooperation between the police forces of Brazil and Portugal”, explains Correio da Manhã.

This is particularly relevant considering the countries do not have an extradition agreement.

But in this case, as all the people involved were born in Brazil, the South American country’s authorities have been very quick to take action.

Gomes has been held in ‘temporary custody’ since September, recently upgraded to ‘preventive custody’.

Meantime, also in Brazil is the suspected killer of Portimão schoolboy Rodrigo Lapa.

Despite a letter rogatory to authorities, advances in this case have been much more slow (click here) – a situation that is causing increasing disgust among Rodrigo’s many friends and justice-seekers.

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