Tributes flood social media after Estômbar history teacher found stabbed to death

Social media tributes have gone out to the Estômbar history teacher found brutally stabbed to death not far from his home in Portimão on Thursday.

João Marcelino had 16 stab wounds, most of them to his “face and neck”.

His body had been partially covered by earth on a patch of ground “visible from the access road of Lagoa to the Via do Infante motorway”, reports Correio da Manhã this morning – adding that it was naked from the waist up, “with trousers and pants down to the ankles”.

The 56-year-old’s alleged killer is a 29-year-old man with whom he is understood to have had a relationship.

Joaquim Guedes is described as having confessed to killing Marcelino after being found trying to sell the older man’s car.

But for reasons not immediately clear, Guedes remains free.

CM says he was arrested on Thursday for the falsification of Guedes’ car papers, at which point he “confessed the crime” and was taken before a criminal judge.

“The judge considered he did not pose a flight risk and would not continue with criminal activity”, adds the paper.

Guedes was thus given the “lightest bail condition”: that of ‘TIR’, involving remaining in his area of residence until his case is ready to be heard in court.

The news has plunged Esômbar’s Escola Rio Arade into renewed grief. A little over a year ago pupils were faced with the hideous murder of 15-year-old Rodrigo Lapa, who coincidentally was one of Marcelino’s former pupils.

Scores of messages of sadness, recalling Marcelino’s kindness and constant efforts as a teacher have since been posted.

Said one parent: “I am speechless… just a pain in the chest, immense sadness and a feeling of thanks the size of the world for having had one of the best teachers I have ever known make all the difference in the lives of my daughters. Thank you for everything. Rest in Peace.”

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