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Tribute event brings top chefs to region

For the sixth year, Vila Joya is holding an exclusive gourmet event featuring top chefs from around the world. Running until January 22, it attracts a worldwide audience of gourmet food lovers and is highly regarded.

Originally started as a tribute to the founder of Vila Joya, Claudia Jung who passed away in 1997, the legacy of love for fine cuisine is now continued

by her daughter, Joy Jung, and head chef Dieter Koschina.

This annual event is hosted by Michelin-starred chefs and attended by gourmets and celebrities such as actors Matthew Modine (The Dark Knight Rises) and Mario Cantone (Sex and the City).

Dieter Koschina holds two Michelin stars and will lead the festival with a celebration

Head chef Dieter Koschina.
Head chef Dieter Koschina.

of Portuguese cuisine tonight (Friday) accompanied by the very best award-winning chefs in Portugal.

Each day features different chefs, wine tasting and special events with evening after party and international DJ´s.

Most events are nearly sold out but more information on remaining events and further details can be found at More information on Vila Joya boutique resort can be found at