Trial set for son accused of slitting 68-year-old British mother’s throat

The horrendous death of 68-year-old British expat Christine Yates is to reach a Portimão courtroom as tabloid reports give further insight into the extent of her injuries.

Mrs Yates’ body was discovered in her Caramujeira home by neighbours last summer concerned by the strange behaviour of her 30-year-old son, Louis – a ‘manic depressive’ with serious mental issues.

Initial reports described how her throat had been slit. But today the details have been luridly updated: Mrs Yates’ savagely beaten body was discovered with cigarette butts stuffed into her vagina and one nostril.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã describes the litany of abuse, that appears to have ended with the body being ‘doused in acid’.

“Questioned by police on the reasons that led to him killing his mother, Louis explained that his mother had been giving him drugs and that the devil had ordered him to kill her”, says the paper.

Louis is also alleged to have said that CIA agents told him to douse the body in hydrochloric acid.

Louis has been interned since his mother’s death in the prison hospital of São João de Deus in Caxias.

Says CM, he was deemed to have suffered “a paranoid schizophrenic psychosis exacerbated by mental confusion caused by the consumption of narcotics”.

He has been considered ‘unimputable’, which roughly translates into ‘unfit to plea’.

This was a crime that devastated the neighbourhood in which Christine Yates’ lived with her son for ‘around 20 years’. But it was also one that people who knew the family secretly dreaded might happen.

Tragically, Mrs Yates had called police to the house on the afternoon she was killed. But they left after the altercation she reportedly had with her son had seemingly been resolved (click here).

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