Mother of tragic Jessica arrested by PJ
Detectives admitted being reduced to tears on seeing Jéssica's body, so badly had the little girl been abused

Trial opens into murder of three-year-old Jessica

The first session of the trial of five people accused of involvement in the murder of 3-year-old Jessica, almost a year ago, in Setúbal is scheduled for Monday, June 5, at Setúbal Court. Inês Sanches, the little girl’s mother is one of the defendants. She is accused of crimes of qualified homicide and offences against qualified physical integrity, by omission, while the other four people are members of the same family, three of whom face the even heavier crimes of qualified consummated homicide, kidnap, aggravated kidnap and aggravated coercion. One family member faces the crimes of aggravated rape (of the child) and aggravated drug trafficking (having allegedly used her body for the transport of drugs). This will be a case so shocking to hear that questions will undoubtedly be asked of the social services departments tasked with ensuring Jessica’s well-being.