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Tree of love

Dear Editor,

I had the pleasure of participating in last night’s (Sunday) celebration of the Tree of Love (at the International Art Fair in Loulé).

Please, if you continue with your involvement next year, won’t you publish the relevant children’s ages from the institutions invited to participate?

I was dismayed to learn that the home in Olhão cares for children ranging in age from three to 17. 

Doubtless the young age group were admirably catered for – my gift falling into that category – as sadly, for some obscure reason, it never occurred to me that older children also lived in institutions! 

Left feeling a little anxious about the older children last night…

Again, the evening was indeed glorious and hope it will become a tradition.

Alison Craxton, by email

Editor’s note: Dear Alison, thank you for your email. You make a very valid point. It is common to associate the word ‘orphan’ to a young child, however, as you correctly pointed out, there are indeed a lot of older children, teenagers in fact, staying at the many orphanages in the Algarve. We hope to be involved with the International Art Fair and its Tree of Love initiative next year and will ensure that readers are well informed about the orphanages participating and the orphans’ ages.