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Treat yourself at Pacifico Centre

PACIFICO CENTRE is a modern, medical and health centre in Albufeira providing a wide variety of alternative treatments.

Owner Paul Buick has recently opened the health centre with intentions of offering something different in the Algarve.

“I have always wanted to do something like this, it brings variation to the area,” said Paul.

A number of the centre’s highly trained, experienced specialists care for every aspect of your personal well-being.

“I spent a lot of time interviewing many people to work here which enabled me to choose the right people for each position,” said Paul, who is a trained  thermo auricular therapist.


There are a wide range of treatments available at the Pacifico Centre, including acupuncture, the Bowen Technique, Chinese herbal medicine, colonic irrigation, counselling, hypnotherapy, massage therapies, among many others.

The centre also plans to cater for dentistry in the near future. There is currently one general practitioner working for the centre part time. “We are currently looking to recruit another general practitioner to cater for the needs of our clients,” said Paul.

There are also a number of workshops at the centre, including Portuguese lessons, sales and training development and Reiki classes.

“We offer these extra activities alongside the alternatives therapies to bring the community together at the Pacifico Centre,” said Paul.

For further information, please contact Pacifico Centre on 287 543 545 or visit the website, available in English and Portuguese, at