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Treat yourself and your pool to chlorine free water

Established in 1988 and based in Lagoa, property enhancement company Home has been providing clients across the Algarve with quality products and solutions for their homes.

The bilingual staff at Home are able to offer advice and sales support to clients looking for glass products, heating solutions and a range of chlorine free pool and spa treatments.

As the weather heats up, your pool becomes the focus of your property. However, for those who want to enjoy their pool without coming out of the water with red eyes, smelly swimwear and damaged hair, then a chlorine substitute is needed. A simple, effective alternative to chlorine is PoolSan, a mineral based product which is non toxic, odourless, long lasting and even physically softens water.

PoolSan is quick and easy to use, the minerals in the liquid solution clean the water of bacteria and algae without using chlorine, leaving your pool clean, clear and so safe you could even drink from it if you wanted!

“When using PoolSan, it is effectively like swimming in pure water. Swimmers will not smell of chlorine and the water can be used in the garden so it is also environmentally friendly,” said Claire Bancroft, Managing Director of Home.

Staff at Home are able to advise clients on product quantities, provide testing kits and help with queries, enabling clients to take control of their pool cleaning needs.

For further information about the products and services available from Home please visit the showroom on the EN125 in Lagoa. Alternatively call 282 353 403, fax 282 353 934 or email