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Travelling to protect your teeth

IN THE modern age of aesthetics, dental treatment is at the forefront of our health concerns and part of our daily life.

As a result, comfortable treatment and natural, strong fixed tooth replacement has become essential, yet quite an expense. People in search of cheaper dentistry travel to Eastern Europe and Asia, however, the standard of dentistry is apparently so low in these regions that it has been reported that people with little qualifications are performing complex implant procedures.

What more and more people are now realising is that dental treatment is now available in the Algarve at much more affordable rates. The Cris Piessens Clinic, a dental and implantology centre, has been established in Albufeira for 13 years. After building up a substantial client base and excellent reputation within Portugal, the majority of patients are coming from all over Europe, especially the UK, to receive dental implants.

Dr Piessens received his training in Belgium, renowned for its high standards in dental surgery, and went on to study in Holland, the US, Spain and Portugal. After setting up the Albufeira clinic himself, he now has a team of eight staff, including three other dentists and two oral hygienists, who serve more than 1,000 clients in Portugal and Europe.

Dr Piessens believes that the UK has the worst dentistry in the EU due to the inability of the National Health Service in maintaining high standards of healthcare. As a result of this poor treatment and high priced private dentists, citizens of the UK are now discovering that the Algarve is the most convenient and affordable way of receiving high quality dental surgery.

Travelling clients

Potential clients have to fill in an online form and a member of staff will get in touch with the client to discuss their problems. A suitable time for them to come and have a consultation and the required surgery is arranged. Formalities such as airport transfers can be arranged as well as advice on accommodation. Once the surgery is complete, it is advised that follow up trips are arranged to check the progress of the implants.

Although each case is different, the whole process can take a few days and has the added bonus of letting you recover in the sun away from familiar surroundings.

The Cris Piessens Clinic is currently looking for someone to work as an administrator for travelling clients to look after their needs before, during and after their stay.

For more information, visit or call 289 589 080.

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