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Travelling through…

by Dra Maria Alice [email protected]

Dr Maria Alice is a consultant in General and Family Medicine and is director of Luzdoc International Medical Service in Praia da Luz, Lagos.

We all travel through life, year after year, day by day and each hour, each minute should be used and enjoyed as much as possible along the way … an inevitable trip, a journey you will have to endure and profit with pleasure, making the best of it.

Each life, each year, has expected routine and unexpected non-routine events, good ones and bad ones. Some things are inevitable, but many others are realistically preventable and if you want to have the best journey possible, you can have it if you prepare yourself for the journey. Just like one should do when travelling.

Health is the most relevant and indispensable piece of equipment for a good trip of any kind; for life and … for travelling the world.

This year started as usual: the same boring and never achievable New Year’s resolutions routine. Eating well, losing weight, stop smoking … all the usual rubbish that nobody sticks to.

Then January went by and all was quickly and conveniently forgotten. Of course, it can be done later, no problem. It will be next year’s resolution.

And the year goes by, the following years rush passed, youth is gone and old age is what you are left with, which is not that fantastic but could certainly be much better if instead of doing nothing and leaving everything for… whenever… something had been done to prevent the “road accidents” of health. We now know that a lot can be prevented.

When getting older, time acquires the capacity to fly, faster and faster, aiming to match light speed and, soon after January, it will be Christmas, again.

But, in the Algarve, before Christmas, there is BLiP and the BLiP exhibition routine. Think about the stand, what should be done at the stand, how to present your product and, if you are already well known, thinking of something new and relevant to attract new and old clients.

Within the last year, we at Luzdoc have looked into the facts of health, tourism and travelling from a different perspective. People do not just travel to the Algarve; they also travel from the Algarve. 

Thus we have developed the concept of a Travel Medicine Clinic for those who, instead of arriving, depart from the Algarve either for work or a pleasure trip.

Dr. Joanna Karamon, who holds a diploma in Travel Medicine from the University College, London, is responsible for this new feature within our scope of work.

One should prepare for travelling not just packing the relevant, absolutely necessary personal belongings and programming what you are going to do once there, but also knowing how to be prepared in order to avoid any health hazards.

Talking about new things and new responsibilities, at this year’s BLiP I was not only involved with our Luzdoc stand but also with the Hospital Particular do Algarve stand – two complementary health facilities that I am proud to be part of.

So, I was “travelling” from one stand to the other, all weekend!

Best health wishes,

Maria Alice

Consultant in General and Family Medicine General Manager/Medical Director – Luzdoc International Medical Service Medical Director – Grupo Hospital Particular do Algarve