Travelling by taxi in Albufeira now safer

Almost all of the taxis in Albufeira are now equipped with an emergency alert system, Táxi Mais Seguro (Safer Taxi).

The President of Albucoop-Radio Taxis in Albufeira, Luís Filipe dos Santos, said: “Once a button on the system is pressed, the operator in the communications office receives an alert and sends a message to the entire fleet, who are then made aware of the location of the car requesting help.”

The location of the vehicle can be mapped anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula and, in case of an emergency, a message is sent three times a minute to every other taxi.

“We also intend to establish a partnership with the authorities for the alert to be received by the GNR police, to help them to intervene swiftly,” said Luís Filipe dos Santos.

With an investment of around 200,000 Euros, this system is the first in the Algarve.

Albufeira Mayor Desidério Silva said: “It is an asset to the council. During the summer, many tourists use taxis to travel in Albufeira. Through this system, we can serve a greater number of requests in a shorter time and avoid long delays.”

The security aspect is also praised by Desidério Silva because it allows “taxi drivers and passengers to travel more safely”.