Traveller’s tales: a visit to Iran

“A visit to Iran” is the title of the upcoming talk arranged by the Algarve History Association. Lynne and Peter Kingdon Booker will be showing slides and discussing their recent trip to Persia. The talks are on Monday, February 1 (6pm in the Municipal Library, Tavira) and Tuesday, February 2 (6pm in the Municipal Library, Lagoa).

Lynne explained: “So many people said to us before we left, ‘You must be mad. Aren’t you afraid?’ But our trip to Iran (Ancient Persia) was fascinating. Not only were the sights of Iran unexpectedly spectacular, but the people were among the most welcoming and friendly that we have ever met. We visited Tehran, Yazd and Shiraz. We went on to Esfahan, Kashan and the shrine city of Qom. And in between we visited the highlight of the trip, the ancient city of Persepolis, and the even older Pasargad.”

It had been the couple’s dream to travel to this cradle of civilisation, and they found it a delight to discover that Persian people are still among the most civilised people on the planet.

Join them for a photographic tour of Iran, and learn about the way in which modern Iran copes with its fate. There is no charge for the talks but voluntary contributions are welcome to enable Lynne and Peter to run the association.

Lynne and Peter Kingdon Booker are founders of the Algarve History Association. Visit

Photo: Courtyard at the Holy Shrine to Fatemah in Qom