Travel trends to observe for summer 2022

Travel trends to observe for summer 2022

2022 is well underway and travel is high on many people’s agenda. At this time of year, those who have not already booked their summer getaways will be looking for that perfect family holiday. So, it’s important for villa owners in the Algarve that their property is front and centre.

How can you do this? We have spoken in our previous articles about the importance of marketing, property improvements and in-villa experiences. What all of these things have in common is that they are directly tied to the latest travel trends. We wanted to share what we feel are trends to watch for in the summer, so that property owners can plan their rental strategy accordingly.

Extended stays

Due to the rise of remote working throughout the world, people have been making the most of this in many ways. One of these ways is to extend their stay, using some of the time for work and the rest to enjoy a holiday. So, owners should recognise this opportunity and show how the villa can accommodate any type of stay. Fast Wi-Fi, comfortable furnishings for remote working and great outdoor space are all top of the list for the workation/holiday mix.

Exploration and experience

Unforgettable holidays are high on the agenda of tourists who were unable to travel throughout the pandemic. At SandyBlue, we have made sure that when we market each villa, it goes beyond the incredible features of the villa itself. Guests want a busy itinerary, so detailed location guides and contacts within luxury experiences are essential. Give guests the recommendations of the best restaurants, activities and luxury excursions that are in a reasonable vicinity from their holiday property.

The importance of wellness

While there are guests who want a trip full of variation and excitement, wellness holidays are also on the rise. Mental and physical wellbeing is so important post-pandemic, so holidays are the perfect opportunity to work on this. Working with our owner partners, SandyBlue offers fantastic in-villa services to warm the soul including yoga, massages, personal trainers and private chefs. Showing guests they can get all this from the comfort of the villa will definitely put your property on their radar.

Family is important

The beauty of a holiday is time with loved ones. The pandemic saw missed weddings, cancelled reunions and people kept apart. Now, they are making up for it in style. From arranging cribs and cots to suggesting ways a villa can be made more family friendly, SandyBlue definitely sees why the family angle is more important than ever.

Getting yourself on the map for Summer 2022

We recommend that all property owners in the Algarve keep up with the trends we are witnessing, so that their property really stands out as the summer bookings rush really begins to heat up.

By Joe Mountain
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