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Travel resolutions for 2007

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A VERY happy 2007 to all our readers. If you’re like us, you’ll have partied a lot, eaten a lot and spent a lot over the festive period – so we hope your resolutions include joining our great value travel club and taking advantage of the fantastic savings on all types of travel and holidays.

Here are some more New Year travel resolutions that will stretch your holiday money even further:

I will seek out the lesser-known cities, where prices are cheaper

It is a fact that most people focus their holidays exclusively on the capitals and major resorts. Why not make an effort on every trip to leave the beaten path for the road less taken? It will inevitably be cheaper and you’re more likely to see the ‘real’ country.

I will save time and therefore money with Europe’s budget airlines

The rise of Europe’s budget airlines makes travelling across the continent an entirely new experience. The budget carriers are constantly opening up new markets, providing low-cost service from hubs like London and Amsterdam – why not go to Faro and book a trip to a place you’ve never been to?

I will be a smarter, scam-conscious traveller

In some places pickpockets actually stick up signs saying “beware of pickpockets”. They find that upon reading this sign, many travellers instinctively reach for their wallets and thereby reveal the target pocket for picking.

Pickpockets are only one small part of the growing scam industry. Most are far more sophisticated. Take some time this year to read up on the common scams and the simple safeguards that will protect you from most of the cons.

I will enjoy tasty and low cost local dishes on holiday

Food is often the x-factor in a holiday budget. Many travellers try to buy their favourite foods on a trip rather than simply ordering what the natives consume. It only stands to reason that the most common foods are also the cheapest. In Central America, pocket change might buy all the bananas you can carry, while the same purchase in Sweden could blow your food budget for the day. Teetotallers are often dismayed to learn that beer is cheaper than bottled water in Portugal!

Adopting this strategy pays off in more ways than balancing the budget. Sampling the specialties of a destination is a good way to learn about the culture, one of the main reasons you’re travelling in the first place.