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Best airline announced

AN INTERNET survey has named the Leeds-based budget carrier the best airline operating in Britain.

The airline was praised by passengers for its reliability, customer service and good value. Bmi, First Choice, Thomas Cook and easyJet also came out favourably in the survey, while American Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways all scored poorly.

Ashford expansion

A REFERENDUM over plans to expand London Ashford Airport, at Lydd, in Kent, is to take place in the next few weeks.

Residents will be asked if they support plans to create a new international passenger terminal for up to 500,000 people and an extension to the current runway. The airport could eventually accommodate two million passengers a year.

Good skiing on the moon

IF BIARITTZ and Aspen are too close to home for your skiing trip, why not consider saving up for a glide down the moon’s peaks?

Former Apollo astronaut, Harrison Schmitt, who flew with the last manned mission to land on the moon, said he skied with ease over the surface of the moon when he was there and that the technique allowed him to glide over the surface faster than his fellow astronauts, who instead adopted what he called an inelegant “bunny hop” gait.

“Once you get a rhythm going it is very easy,” said geologist Dr Schmitt, from the University of Wisconsin, in Madison. “You can propel yourself with a push. On the moon you don’t slide, you glide above the surface.” He also predicted that settlers at Nasa’s planned moon base would be enjoying lunar skiing holidays. “Part of their recreation will be downhill skiing. I think there are some excellent downhill skiing areas,” added the astronaut. He recommended the Taurus-Littrow valley as a potential destination for a lunar ski resort. “I wish everybody could share that experience,” he told the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in San Francisco.