Travel experts praise Alentejan cuisine

Travel experts praise Alentejan cuisine

Destination || The Alentejo’s gastronomy has earned its place on the list of ‘Best Value Destinations’ for 2015, published by travel website Rough Guides.

The region came in 7th in the list of 10 destinations that also includes Kosovo, the Peak District (UK), the Canary Islands, Karnataka (India), Northern Ireland, Mekong (Vietnam), Oaxaca (Mexico) and Queens (USA).

“Go to the Alentejo for super-fresh seafood, plus sublime olives, meat, wine and cheese, and then stay to drink in the rugged scenery,” Rough Guides’ experts say, adding that for now visiting the Alentejo is “as cheap as chips”.

It’s a great start to 2015 for the region, which has received a lot of international praise recently from various publications.

In 2014, AOL Travel named the Alentejo one of the best destinations for a “blissful escape”, National Geographic chose it as one of the “Best Trips for 2014” and The Guardian recommended it as a great place to spend the summer.

The Alentejo was also considered the “Best Wine Region to Visit” by USA Today and its traditional singing known as “Cante Alentejano” was recently named Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.