travel briefs

Jellyfish peril

Holidaymakers heading for the Spanish ‘Costas’ are being advised to take care on beaches where there’s been an invasion of jellyfish. The Spanish Red Cross has treated more than 15,000 swimmers for stings along almost the entire stretch of coastline. The Balearic islands of Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca have also suffered from an invasion of the stingers and swimmers, who ignored the red flags, have ended up needing treatment. Marine biologists have confirmed that the number of jellyfish is at least triple the average, and say that this year’s drought and soaring temperatures have created the perfect jelly conditions.

OZ tops the polls

Australia has beaten the US to be named the favourite long-haul holiday destination for British travellers, according to a recent survey by American Express Travel. It revealed that the current cheap flights to Down Under were more attractive than the strength of the pound against the US dollar. New York is the second most popular destination for globetrotting Brits followed by Dubai, Florida and California in fifth place.

Bikini alert

Sun burn and uneven tans could be a thing of the past thanks to a clever new bikini with its own built-in alarm. The device alerts the wearer to turn over every 15 minutes and it is hoped will reduce the number of women who fall asleep in the sun. The costume should retail at about £20 when it goes on sale across the UK next week and the company that has developed it is launching a male version soon.