Trash collection in Lagos

A while back I wrote about the situation of poor trash collection in Lagos, particularly around the west Porto de Mós area. I have noticed certain improvements upon our return this spring, and commend the city of Lagos for lids on the larger bins, as well as new lids on the recycling bins. However, this is just part of the problem.

Residents in this area are frustrated, as there are only a few pick-up points for trash collection and only two recycling areas. These fill up fast, and there seems to be no end to tourists and perhaps also more permanent residents dumping everything from small bags to large items of furniture around these points when they are obviously full already!

In addition, the main recycling post is in a windy area, so the surrounding field is covered in both plastic and paper garbage.

There is now an extended building project in west Porto de Mós, and I hope that Miralagos will work together with the city to plan more recycling points as well as larger bins. But it is also everyone’s responsibility to deal with this. Lagos is a beautiful city – let’s keep it that way! Perhaps an organised effort by local schools can do an annual or semi-annual clean up of the areas outside of the city walls? It would be much appreciated!


Photo: A picture sent by Mark Sewitsky back in October 2016 when he first wrote to us