Transvestites detained in Quarteira

FARO POLICE have confirmed that four men, including two Brazilian transvestites, were arrested in the Quarteira area recently. The group are accused of robbery, kidnap and violent assault to obtain money from the alleged victim after meeting for sex.

The incident took place in a location known as “Estrada da SIC”, so called due to the fact that SIC television once filmed a report about the happenings in that particular street.

According to the police, the crime took place on November 5, when the alleged victim, after having sex with one of the transvestites, was threatened by one of the four, who, allegedly, was in possession of a baseball bat and knife. On arresting the suspects, the police confiscated a bat, two pocket knives and two mobile phones, one of which was stolen from the victim. The men, aged between 26 and 43, have appeared before Loulé Court and were freed but are required to report regularly to the police station.

An un-named source, close to the accused, told Correio da Manhã newspaper what he claims is the truth behind the incident: “The man, after having had sex with one of the ‘girls’, didn’t want to pay the 30 euro fee charged for the service. ‘She’ didn’t like his attitude and the four proceeded to take the man’s mobile phone and his coat as payment.” The source denies that any force was used.

According to locals, the street is well known as a hang out for prostitutes and the situation is “worse in the summer”.