Dear Editor,

I have read your article with interest. Having already bought a transponder nobody seems to be able to tell me if it is valid for all national toll roads?

For example when I travel from Loulé to Lisbon, can I drive through the Via Verde lane at the portagens?

I’d be very grateful to have your views,


Editor’s note: Dear Lesley, your transponder is valid on all national roads using an electronic toll system, including the Via Verde lanes. The Post Office should be able to provide you with more information. If you have a good command of the Portuguese language, do check the CTT website under and click in the section ‘Serviços Financeiros’, then ‘Portagens’. The English version of the website was ‘under construction’ at the time of going to press.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your informative articles on the introduction of tolls on December 8.

One thing is not clear. Will those exempt from tolls (for example, residents using the A22 only 10 times or less per month) still need a transponder?  


Editor’s note: Dear Remo, yes, you will need a transponder to benefit from the exemptions. Visit your local Post Office and explain that you wish to purchase a transponder and would like to register for the exemptions as a resident.