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Train derails on way to Porto, two dead (“possibly four”), up to 50 injured

Reports are still coming in on the train derailment earlier this morning which has seen two confirmed dead and up to 50 people injured.

The Vigo to Porto train came off its tracks near in Galicia, Spain, near Porriña station, Pontevedra, after hitting an electricity post.

At least 60 people were on board at the time, and as television reports suggests, a number of them could be Portuguese.

The five-carriage train is Portuguese, explains CMTV, as is the driver.

For now, there are very few further details.

The dead people have not been identified, nor is national media reporting on whether the driver is among them.

But Radio Galega, in Spain, claims he was one of the “mortal victims”, says TSF radio.

In fact, Radio Galega is suggesting three people could be dead, while elsewhere other Spanish media is pointing to four, with a number of victims “critically injured”.

Emergency services have been ferrying passengers to nearby hospitals.

The accident happened shortly after 9am this morning (10am Spanish time), and saw the first carriage come away from the tracks.

The line is described as one that is jointly run by CP (Portuguese railways) and RENFE (Spanish railways).

UPDATE 11.30am:

Four now confirmed dead, among them the Portuguese driver – a 47-year-old man from Esposende with 20 years service.

The injured involve 42 people with light injuries, and seven described as being in a serious condition.

Rescue workers are described as trying to cut one victim out of the wreckage. Noticias ao minuto has just reported that this victim is believed to be a 5th fatality.


CP is refuting that anything could have been wrong with the Portuguese/ Spanish managed train, which it insists was in perfect working order.

An inquiry has been set up into what caused the accident. So-called experts talking on television say it could have been either a mechanical problem on board the train, a similar problem on the line, or human error.

Three Portuguese are understood to be among the injured, although the severity of their injuries has not yet been explained.

The driver’s name was José Arnaldo Moreira, and he is now described as having been aged 45.

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