(Trailer) Trashing the view

Dear Editor,

The clifftop road leading from the Algar Seco beauty spot along to the church and carpark, with its wonderful view over the village, is the ex-libris of Praia do Carvoeiro.

Every morning, year round, come rain or shine, I am one of the many residents living nearby who enjoys a daily early morning walk or run here, taking in the magnificent views along the coast and breathing the fresh sea air.

I am, however, saddened to see how the authorities are seemingly turning a blind eye to the inconsiderate and unwelcome motorhomers who are blighting the view for all. They park wherever they see fit, sometimes directly in front of the ocean-view properties, as the photo shows.

How, I wonder, do the owners or holiday rental tenants of these properties feel to have the views they have paid good money for deprived of them by these free-loaders?

I have nothing against the principal of motorhoming but the arrogance of these people defies belief.

There are numerous trailer parks where they can park legally, not to mention campsites, so what gives them the right to park their ugly piles of tin and plastic illegally in our beauty spots?

I wonder if they would condone a line of tents pitched along the clifftop road or in their own front gardens back home … This trash is dragging down the ambience of the whole Algarve and it is time for something to be done.