Tragedy in Cascais as car careers over cliff
Image from SIC Notícias

Tragedy in Cascais as car careers over cliff

Two dead, two manage miraculous escape

Two people died this morning, and two others managed a miraculous escape, after the car they were all in careered over a cliff at Cabo Raso, in Cascais.

The two dead drowned inside the car. They have been identified as a mother and daughter. Television reports explain they were in fact, the mother and grandmother of the two survivors, who are aged 15 and 18 and were recovered, with only minor injuries, from the rocks.

The youngsters were rescued, already showing signs of hypothermia, and are now being treated in Hospital Amadora-Sintra, where they will also receive psychological and social support.

The bodies of their mother and grandmother were retrieved from the inside of the vehicle, but the car itself has been left where it was, due to the conditions at the sea, and the fact that it is inside a grotto.

There are few details on what caused this accident. It happened around 8am. PJ police as well as public prosecutors, are investigating. ND

Source material: CNN Portugal/ SIC Notícias