Tragedy in Almancil as father mistakenly runs over 14-month-old baby

A 14-month-old baby died on Friday after being run over by his father who simply didn’t see him.

Explain reports, the father was backing his car outside the family house – in Almancil’s Rua da Alegria neighbourhood – preparing to turn into the road and go shopping.

He had made sure his son was with his mother but unbeknown to both, the child then darted out into the path of the car as it reversed.

Both parents, described by tabloid Correio da Manhã, as Romanian, had to be hospitalised after it became clear that there was nothing first responders could do for their son.

The mother needed to be accompanied by doctors as she is in the eighth month of a second pregnancy, and the father had to be sedated, said the paper, because he was so upset.

GNR police are investigating but everything points to the incident being a deeply tragic accident.

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