Tragedy at Pulo do Lobo kills Mértola woman

A 43-year-old woman died yesterday (Sunday) when she slipped into the fast-moving water at beauty-spot Pulo do Lobo – an area where the Guadiana River separates Portugal from Spain in a series of spectacular rocky waterfalls.

Célia Palma was with her husband and sister when she decided to “wet her feet” in the water, say reports.

Her husband is understood to have gone into the water straight after her, and even managed to pull her body up from the waters and reach the safety of a rocky promontory, but his wife by then is already believed to have died.

Due to the difficulty of access, Beja firemen took two hours to recover the woman’s body.

As national tabloid Correio da Manhã explains, this was simply the latest accident at the spot that attracts thousands of sightseers every year.

In May last year, two Spanish women climbers had to be rescued after getting into difficulties.

This is despite many signs and warning notices about the dangers of taking any chances at all at Pulo do Lobo.

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