Traditional yoga comes to Faro

CLASSES IN SWÁSTHYA Yoga, the oldest and most traditional form of yoga, are now available at Unidade Faro for both beginners and aspiring instructors.

Swásthya Yoga, was founded in Brazil more than 40 years ago, a country where there are now one million practitioners. In Portugal this form of yoga was founded 25 years ago. Mestre DeRose, the professor and mentor of Swásthya Yoga, who currently teaches in Brazil, says young people are particularly attracted to this form of yoga because “they have heightened critical senses and a feeling of hope in humanity”. DeRose comes twice a year to Europe to teach at universities in Porto and Lisbon.

Reception hours at Unidade Faro are from Monday to Wednesday from 10am to 8pm. Classes run from Monday to Thursday from 7.30am to 8.30pm. A separate class is held on a Saturday for people wanting to teach yoga.

Unidade Faro – Rua Gil Eanes nº 37 R/C Esqº/ 8000-358 Faro Tel. 289 822 116, Mobile.: 962 039