Toxic children’s pyjamas

A NATIONAL magazine has tested the levels of dangerous chemicals found in children’s pyjamas and discovered harmful chemicals in five of the samples.

The survey conducted by Teste Saúde magazine revealed that pyjamas made by popular children’s brands Chicco, Prenatal, Noddy, Billy Blue BG Folich and Ruca contained phthalates.

Phthalates are used to soften PVC in the making of plastic logos.  Although a useful chemical compound in manufacturing, it carries health risks.  Long periods of direct skin contact with the compound have shown damage to the liver and testes, allergies in children, and links to birth defects in massive levels of exposure.

Formaldehyde was also found in one of the samples.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified it as a probable carcinogen in humans yet current laws do not prohibit the use of formaldehyde in textile production although the levels are reduced in clothing for children.

Consumer groups are trying to force the hand of governments to promote better labelling of clothing so parents are fully aware of what they are buying.

If you feel nervous about any chemicals used in clothing you buy, then wash the clothes before you wear them and look for consumer confidence labels such as Öko-Tech to guarantee that there are no toxic chemicals in the textiles.

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