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Tourists targeted with counterfeit drugs in Albufeira

A police operation carried out in Albufeira in May led to the identification of 115 individuals suspected of selling counterfeit drugs in the area.

Selling crushed pain killers disguised as cocaine and pressed bay leaves as hashish appears to be a growing trend which has been noted in the Albufeira area with main targets being unaware tourists.

A spokesman for the GNR said: “Thirty surveillance operations were carried out to monitor for illegal counterfeiting of drugs in Albufeira, including Oura, Praia dos Pescadores and Av. Sá Carneiro.”

During the operation, a further two men were arrested, one in possession of 28 doses of cocaine and one with 1,000 doses of hashish.

Meanwhile, 78 individuals were identified for the involvement in illegal street trading and another 11 for counterfeiting. Items seized during the operation included 2,200 pieces of jewellery, 540 sunglasses, 350 items of clothing, 310 watches and 45 bags/wallets.

“Albufeira is an important tourist destination in the Algarve and we need to reassure visitors that they will not be harassed by vendors or become victims of purchasing these illegal articles,” he concluded.