Tourists spend more than ever this summer in Portugal

New data revealed by the Bank of Portugal shows that tourists spent more money than ever before this summer in Portugal.

The statistics are based on the amount of money spent and withdrawn with foreign bank cards in the months of July, August and September, which totalled nearly €1.6 billion.

The sum is described by the Bank of Portugal as a “historical maximum”. In fact, foreign spending has been increasing since 2015, the central bank adds.

Further data shows that, on average, each purchase made by a foreign tourist using bank cards totalled €67.54. In other words, holidaymakers spent an average of €17.4 million per day during these three months.

August was, of course, the month during which most money was spent (€662 million).

The statistics also show that British holidaymakers spent the most (€348 million) out of any other nationality followed by the French (€339 million).

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