Tourists narrowly escape new cliff fall at Maria Luísa beach

Two holidaymakers ‘narrowly missed’ the latest cliff-fall at Albufeira’s Maria Luísa beach.

The beauty spot, which hit the headlines seven years ago when a landslide killed five beachgoers, suffered the second major rockfall this year on Sunday afternoon.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã said “various tons of rocks” came tumbling down on the east side of the beach as a couple below was taking a walk.

An eyewitness told the paper, “they got a shock” but were otherwise unharmed.

Nonetheless, the two were hit by dust that blew across the area as rocks and stones settled.

Portimão ports captain Rui Santos Pereira has stressed that the stones will be removed today (Monday), while Algarve environmental agency APA has consistently maintained that despite periodic special intervention on beaches, “there is always the risk of rockfalls” from overhanging cliffs (click here).