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Tourists like Lisbon’s rich history

A HIGH percentage of foreign tourists visiting Lisbon this summer (61 per cent) thought that Lisbon’s antiquity and rich history was among its most attractive features.

Of the 841 foreign visitors to the region surveyed, 80 per cent said that visiting Lisbon was the only or main reason for their entry into Portugal while a further two-thirds said they had been influenced by family of friends.

The survey, which was published last week by the Lisbon Tourism Observatory (Observatório de Turismo de Lisboa) also discovered that visiting monuments, museums and trying Portuguese food and wines topped the agenda.

For many, the Torre de Belém, Castelo de São Jorge and Jerónimos Monastery were among the most popular monuments, while Baixa, Belém and Alfama were the most sought after Lisbon districts.

Some 54.8 per cent thought Lisbon was a beautiful city while 54.3 per cent thought it was most probable that they would return.

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