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Tourist forgotten in Belém tower

A young tourist is not about to forget her trip to Lisbon’s historic Torre de Belém in a hurry. She ended up being locked out on the tower’s terrace on Sunday night, and if she hadn’t had her cellphone with her, she would probably have been out in the cold until Monday morning.
As it was, it took over two hours before a team of firemen and two PSP police agents came to the rescue.
The youngster was brought to safety as the sun came down on a mercifully warm and wind-free evening.
Onlookers filmed the rescue (a video has been posted on YouTube), which involved the girl clambering down a long ladder with firemen at both ends.
The story appears to be that she was outside on the terrace when staff closed up for the evening and left the premises.
The youngster is understood to have spoken English, although her nationality was not confirmed.