Tourist, 60, “violently” mugged in Praia da Rocha

Tourist, 60, brutally attacked in Praia da Rocha

Crime || A 60-year-old Norwegian tourist was brutally beaten and robbed in the early hours of Sunday morning (January 4) in Praia da Rocha, Portimão.

The attack took place shortly before 9am in the tunnel that leads to Babylone nightclub.

According to Correio da Manhã, bloodstains on the walls and floor of the tunnel point to the severity of the attack.

The man was approached by a group of men who then reportedly set about him, “dealing many violent blows, mostly to his head”. His wallet with money and documents was stolen in the attack.

The severely traumatised man made it to a nearby bar, which immediately called police.

“He was in very bad shape,” barkeeper Regina Rodrigues told CM.

“They got him onto the ambulance in a wheelchair, with his head completely bandaged.”

As Rodrigues explained, attacks like this, hours after nightclubs have closed, can be commonplace.

“There are a lot of fights, many due to people’s states of drunkenness but others are simply robberies,” she said.

The Norwegian was taken to Portimão Hospital, and discharged later in the day.

The search for his attackers is said to be continuing.